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Philip A Gwilliames - principal broker and owner of Gwilliames & Associates Insurance Brokers Limited began his Insurance career in 1954 when he joined the Sun Insurance office at 15 Wellington Street in the city of Toronto as a young man.

His first duties , that of a clerk in the plan department (in those days all accepted policy coverage of the company were listed manually on master copies of the town or city plans which in addition to listing all roads and streets also included a scale draft of all building with detail of construction, number of stories even occupancy). This allowed the tracking of the total risk "in dollars" accepted in any one area.

After several months he was transferred to policy underwriting for training in risk assessment and rating procedures and progressed to junior underwriter. In 1956 he was offered a position with Reliance Insurance Company of Philadelphia (now absorbed into Pilot Insurance Company) to become underwriter of Personal Lines to establish the first of many forms of personal lines packaged coverage known then as Composite Dwelling policy. Automobile underwriter and Commercial underwriter was soon added with added training in commercial rate setting and assessment. Further advancement led to field operations, visiting offered risks for rating and assessment and liaison with independent sales office. This was a time when understanding in detail. The offering of the company was of utmost importance and study actual wordings was critical to the job. During this period the AIIC certificate if the Insurance Institute of Ontario was earned.

In 1961 was the first venture into actual selling of insurance when he joined a large commercial lines brokerage. Spending the next 7 years selling and servicing all forms of large and small commercial insurance requirements including that of thoroughbred and standard bred racehorses.

In 1968 a decision was made to form his own brokerage originally as sole proprietor and then incorporated. For years commercial insurance was a specialty although personal insurance was always provided. Now the brokerage has evolved to a full service office providing all forms of insurance coverage, still specializing in commercial insurance and group concepts. Almost all of the staff have many years with the organization and remain eager in their task of satisfying the need of every client who calls or contacts our office by means of phone, fax, email or internet.

Phil Gwilliames
President / Owner


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