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Incurring an accident or loss is a tragic and stressful situation. We want to "Ease" your concerns over such unfortunate events.

If you need to file a report with an Insurance Company, use the Auto Claim Report and Property Claim Report to document a comprehensive account of the occurrence so that we may assist you in having your claim reported to the company as soon as possible. We suggest you download and print the short form "Details of Accident Form" and keep it handy in the vehicle. These are also provided as handy cards with every liability card holder that we send to our clients.

What to do for Burglary or Break & Enter:

  • first, please ensure safety for you and your family
  • contact proper authorities once you are safe


Upon entering the home, if you notice that someone has entered illegally, please exit the home and contact the police immediately. The police will search the home to make sure that it is safe to enter the premises again. Once the home is secured, walk through the home and make note of the damage and items missing. Contact a 24/7 Glass or Door company to get the property secured to prevent against further loss or damage. Contact our office or the Insurance companies - we can direct you on who to contact, or will contact someone for you.


Exit the building immediately and contact 911. Ensure safety of your family. Do Not try to put the fire out yourself.
Proper fire insurance will provide living arrangements while you are forced from your home of any cost over and above your normal monthly expenses. Should you require clothing, food, etc - proceed to get the necessary items and hold all receipts. Fire is a very tragic event that can leave you totally confused and concerned over what to do. Should you have any questions, please contact our office or the appropriate claims office for help.

Water Damage

There are 4 types of water damage and each have different meanings:

Water Escape - pipe burst: pipes within the home have ruptured causing water damage to the area.

Sewer Back Up - brown water entering the home from the main storm drain within the home. If sewer back up is not purchased, the claim will be denied. This usually occurs when the outside storm or sewer drains are blocked or over loaded due to volume.

Flooding - when a river or lake exceeds its natural banks or overflows.

Seepage - water entering in through a crack in the wall, floor or windows. This is not covered as it is a maintenance issue and needs to be tended to ASAP as the continuing damage that occurs will not be covered. Usually as result of continued seepage mold and fungus start to grow - which is not covered.

In the event of water damage from a burst pipe, sewer back up or flooding, to prevent against additional losses occurring and cost increasing, it is your obligation to do whatever is necessary to help reduce a claim.

  1. Shut off main water supply to home for burst pipe if no separate shut off value available
  2. Lift any items off the floor or move items to higher ground (sewer back up)
  3. Rent or purchase Shop Vac to remove the excess water or sludge from the floor
  4. Contact the Insurance Claims office for a contractor if damage is high.

In The Event of a Death:

  • please contact our office
  • provide copy of Death Certificate
  • provide a letter to request cancellation or changes of ownership to policies
  • direction is needed from you, the client.
  • If the deceased has purchased Life Insurance through our office and is currently still in force, a copy of the death certificate is required to obtain the cash benefit.
  • If Power of Attorney or Power of Care is available, please submit copy of documents to our office.
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