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Please read before completing claims information.

  • In the reporting of claims it is important to include as much detail as possible. Photographs are helpful but not necessary.

  • If within your capability, you should do whatever is reasonable to protect your property from further loss or damage including the soliciting of professional help where needed to secure property or protect against greater loss. Reimbursement for such expenses may be recoverable from your insurer.

  • Deductibles should be considered prior to submission of a claim.

  • Presenting a claim under a property or liability insurance policy may cause a loss of any claims free discount you may be otherwise entitled too. Unlike auto insurance, premiums do not increase based on claims however multiple claims can be justification for the insurer to increase the deductible or in severe cases refuse to offer renewal.

  • Please feel free to call our office at 905-619-2424 to discuss any possibility of impact to you before submitting a claim.

Download the Property Claims Reporting Form

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