Have your vehicle insured with the best available insurance plan. Of utmost importance is a clear understanding of your insurance policy.



Throughout our lifetime there are many stages we go through with regard to home ownership. Each period has its own unique insurance need, and careful consideration should be given to having the right policy terms and coverage for each period.

Boat/ Marine

Gwilliames & Associates provides comprehensive insurance policies for sail boats, power boats, pleasure & ski boats, PWC’s and jet skis, pontoon and fishing boats.


Rental Property

Rental properties offer freedom from many of the maintenance items and property upkeep associated with that of other owned properties. However, they have their own unique requirements for insurance based on the group ownership.

Business & Commercial

The principals at Gwilliames & Associates have extensive experience in all forms of insurance and offer expertise in almost every form of commercial insurance coverage.



We offer one of the broadest coverage in Travel Insurance within the industry. The same is used by travel agents when booking your trip. Coverage is available for one day up to 180 days, and more if it should become necessary.


Our philosophy concerning insurance protection has always leaned towards solutions providing “guaranteed protection “. Yours and your family’s future security is always our prime objective.


These properties must be insured with separate limits of insurance and disclosure of address even though attached to principal home, condo or apartment. Liability extensions are necessary.

RV & Trailer

At Gwilliames & Associates we seek out specific packages which offer unique protection, including many features not available on standard policies.


Snowmobile/ ATV

Gwilliames & Associates provides comprehensive insurance policies for all makes of snowmobiles such as Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat, Polaris, and Yamaha.



Gwilliames & Associates provides comprehensive insurance policies for all makes of motorcycles, scooters, and dirtbikes.


Special Events

Gwilliames & Associates provides comprehensive insurance policies for special events such as weddings, golf tournaments, and trade shows.


Umbrella (Excess Liability)

Many Customers need the protection of higher limits of liability above their basic policy coverage. Umbrella or Excess Liability policies offer a lower premium total when compared to increasing individual policies. 


Protection for your Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical systems within your premises. Your Landlord may require you to insure the HVAC system within your unit. Coverage is also provided for Chillers, food freezers, walk-in coolers, etc.

Group/ Individual Benefits

We would be willing to work with you and your association to develop a personalized program to fit your Association’s needs.